At Canine Cahoots we understand the importance of developing a partnership with your dog that allows peace in the home as well as out in the real world.  We offer basic obedience training, but we also work on so much more than that.  We work to help your dog achieve a relaxed and calm mind set.  When they are relaxed and confident, they are able to make better choices on their own.  We also understand that it doesn’t matter what we teach your dog, if we don’t also teach you how to be a strong leader and be able to guide your dog, working in cahoots.


Karli Nelson- Owner and Head Trainer

I started working at a major pet store chain in 2000.  It was a great start and really discovered that training was my passion.  Over the years my career changed and obedience training was something I did on the side.  Obedience training means just that, the basic commands, sit, stay, down, etc… Then I found myself owning a deaf pit with resource guarding and leash reactivity… None of the skills I had in my “obedience” toolbox were going to help me with this dog.  So I did what I had to and sought out help from the best.  I reached out to the best trainers that I knew, and then started studying with some of the best trainers in the country. I learned how to help dog with behavior modification.  And then I quickly realized that these behavior modification skills were so much more of what my clients needed.

Life happened and I made the decision that I really wanted to follow my passion and that helping others train their dog needed to be more than a side gig.  I decided to pursue training full time so I could help as many people and save as many dogs as I can. So here we are, Canine Cahoots